​            Talk as smart as you think.           


Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

"Carol has a natural skill, which is not to speak in "corporate speak." Instead she gets people to speak in plain English. Rather than allowing us to fall in love with our own words, she intervenes, listening on behalf of the audience. She's been very good at extracting the meaning of what I intended to say by helping me state it more simply and forcefully. I've also used Carol's services to edit writing and presentations with a similar intention, to make them flow better. She's done an excellent job on several projects for me. The result of Carol's work is that the audience is presented with clearer ideas that allow them to more easily digest what we are saying."

Mark McNeely

Founder of Intelivision

"For most people, the fear of speaking in front of a large group is even greater than the fear of death. It was for me. I had a situation where I needed to make a presentation to a big group of insvestors, so I needed to speak their language. Carol knew the questions to ask so that I could turn my words into a clear message to the investors. Carol has a wealth of experience and understands what is meaningful to her clients. I gained a lot of confidence from my work with her, and I experienced her desire for me to succeed. Carol's calm, compassionate approach helped me to listen and take action. As an entrepreneur, I rely on people who are experts and whose advice I trust and value. In my work with Carol, I felt like I'd added a new member to my team. I fully recommend her".

Pam Blanton, Co-Founder


"I was impressed by Carol’s can-do attitude. There's a real-world,  realistic and practical approach that I saw that she brought with her. She is very focused, present, calm, professional and compassionate. She stepped in and worked with me to make sure that I was as prepared as possible. She provided me with direct & candid feedback. I felt very supported all along the way, and I felt prepared when I delivered the speeches. It was exactly what I needed at the time; she was really a pleasure to work with."

Megan Gaiser
Creative Leadership for Inspired Experience
Creative Leadership Advisor and Strategist, Senior Creative Director, Content & Diversity Specialist

"I was kind of stuck at 'Go!' I needed to get out to the market in a way that was comfortable for my style. I needed a broader perspective of what I was doing. I knew that Carol could give me that. She has a way of looking at a market with succinctness and clarity. She gave me a fresh perspective, as well as messging to keep the points clear and succinct during each phase of the project. Plus, Carol is an excellent writer. She made my messages bite-size and clear. When you work with Carol, you have her full attention. She understands you, what you need to do and how to get to the result that you want. She is very direct, calling things straight on. She listens very thoroughly so she really knows what you're trying to say and puts it into a clear tone, one that she'll create so that it sounds just like 'you'. Carol is fun, very peasant, and very easy to work with!"

Elizabeth Gilje

Clariot Consulting

"Carol is amazing and supportive. She gave me advice on how to improve my public speaking skills. I saw improvement within three sessions of coaching. She also helped me turn around my manager's impression of me with those three sessions! More importantly, she is very supportive and you just feel so much more confident after talking to her."

Laura S.
Microsoft Corporation

"I enjoyed working with Carol while acting as the medical director of the Regional Clinicians Program at Virginia Mason Medical Center. She was very effective at keeping my management team on track and prepared our documents for our reports to the C-level managers. She also provided coaching for me personally on my public speaking and networking skills. Carol 'gets it' when it comes to helping leaders to improve their effectiveness inside their company and when building relationships externally."

Dr. Doug Backous
Medical Director for Hearing and Skull Base Surgery, Swedish Medical Center