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After coaching, then...

If you know the stakes are high. 

If you are presenting to a large audience.

If your past performances have not been as good as you would have liked.

If you are worried that you are going to look or sound nervous.

If you are afraid of being judged harshly.

If you are speaking to an important audience.

If you are concerned you might go off script.

If you think something awkward might happen.

If you have a fear of failing.

If you are nervous about getting a difficult question, or being challenged.

If someone has told you that you need to improve.

If you are tempted to memorize your presentation, or read your slide deck.

If you don't know what to do with your hands, feet, eyes....

If you just can't wait until the whole thing is all over.

You might want to get some help...

You will present your material with finesse.

You will develop the skills to control your nerves or anxiety.

You will know how to address large audiences.

You will  know how to handle unexpected situations.

You will keep your audience engaged and off of their phones.

You will showcase your communication skills to management.

You will appear confident and ready for the next promotion.

You will make the sale, close the deal, persuade the audience, inform others.

You will know how to handle questions--even ones you don't know the answer to.

You will be calm, cool and collected as you deliver your presentation.

You will increase your personal "value".

You will be complimented by attendees for delivering a great presentation.

You will be able to relax. And, maybe, just maybe, actually look forward to presenting again.

​            Talk as smart as you think.